Aquarium plant growth, progress no.1

Aquarium plant growth after 7 days featured

Just to show the progress of aquarium plant growth I’m posting a picture after one week.

Boosting aquarium plant growth with Easylife Profito and Nitro when needed. I have to go buy Fosfo too, because I recently ran out of it.

Co2 dosage between 20 and 30ppm,
Nitrates at around 30ppm,
Phosphates at 0.5 which is a bit low, but I’m working on it.

I’m using the drop test kit from Easylife, except for the Nitro test which is unavaliable in my country due to law restrictions and regulations. The leaf test will have to do for now. Until I find a workaround.

Lower picture from day 0, upper from day 7

Aquarium plant growth after 7 days

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