Head of tech support and IT specialist – ERUDIO educational centre

Employment type: Full-time work – Head of tech support and IT specialist Work assignments: Team leadership and management (setting goals, delegating tasks, monitoring and participating in running projects) Overseeing technical support (via on-site, phone, remote), discovering ways to advance our methods, System administration (a whole range of latest versions of…

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Aquascaping, the beginning

Aquascaping. I’ve always been interested in plants, growing, especially the kind that requires a lot of patience, strange for an impatient guy, ha 😉 That is why I like aquascaping, its a kind of a fast-forward of growing plants on air and it still requires a lot of patience, an…

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Tropics, 54 liters of it

54 liters of tropics

I couldn’t resist not to write at least one post about my tropics aquarium. And I won’t guarantee there won’t be more of tropics posts. Aquaristics became my hobby and its probably safe to say it also became my passion. One of many. It all began innocently enough. I got…

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Well, this is more of a welcome from me and not so much an introduction. I’ll just keep my posts talk about me and you can also find the “formal” business part of my knowledge under the tab Curriculum vitae. I’ll be happy to reply if you fell like contacting me via…

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